We’ve been working closely with staff from the City of Napa, and the City’s Bicycle & Trails Advisory Committee, to improve the design and safety of the proposed roundabouts on California Blvd and 1st Street just west of downtown.

After many months of work, we feel that the City is moving in the right direction, but still have concerns about how this triple-roundabout configuration will improve safety and access between Downtown and Browns Valley for those of us on two wheels.

As this project moves forward, we will keep you updated on opportunities to weigh in, and provide your own feedback to project consultants, staff, and eventually City Council.

Please let us know what you think about the roundabouts – send us an email to info@napabike.org or call us at (707) 812-1770.

Napa roundabouts to take a more bike-friendly shape

Sep 11, 2016

As plans take shape for a trio of roundabouts at a major Napa crossroads, the focus is sharpening on ways to smooth the path for travelers on two wheels as well as four.

A pathway devoted to bicyclists and pedestrians, flashing crosswalk signals and green lane markers are among the features included in a update to the rebuilding plan for streets linking Highway 29 to downtown Napa.

The bike-friendly elements are new additions to a campaign to replace intersections with three roundabouts linking First and Second streets with California Boulevard and the Highway 29 interchange, a $6 million project meant to unclog one of the city’s busiest gateways.

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